You Are Loved

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Dear Soul,

It's just me again. I heard your thoughts and worries swirling in your head. Too broken. Too weak. Failure. Misfit. Unloved and Unloveable. I heard it all and it grieved me. How opposite my heart toward you is. Too broken? I will heal your broken. Because you are loved. Too weak? I will be your strength. Because you are loved. Failure? I will be your victory. Because you are loved. Misfit? Your always have a place with me. Because you are loved. Unloved and Unloveable? I love you more than you can ever know.

Come to me, Dear Soul. With me, no matter what, I will whisper to you the truth of the ages.


-Sara Miller (


This was written for Teaberry's 2024 theme for the year.

These words are cut from brown maple, a North American hardwood, and oiled in boiled linseed oil to seal the wood while keeping the natural color.