Teaberry was officially established in 2011. However, its roots go back a few years before that. The current owner and founder, LaVern, started with a simple pallet shop in 2000. A few years later, it became a sawmill, where LaVern would spend his time after work cutting logs to lumber on his Peterson swing-blade saw. He would then sell his lumber to hobbyists, and at times even deliver it for them. 

  There were always "cutoffs" or short boards LaVern couldn't market. His wife, Rachel, who inspires much of the creativity at Teaberry, began taking those cutoffs and putting patterns for the animal scroll saw puzzles on them. The oldest of their three sons, Jared, would then cut out these puzzles. 

  These puzzles would continue to pile up on LaVern's desk, until he decided something had to be done with them! The few people outside of the family that saw these puzzles either offered to buy them or strongly recommended that the family go to art shows to sell them. Which is exactly what happened!

  While Teaberry is based in Middlebury, IN, it actually came into existence because of the art shows in the southern half of Michigan. LaVern, Rachel, and their three sons would often work long Friday evenings packing their inventory into a little trailer, then they'd spend all day Saturday at juried art shows throughout southern Michigan. They also began selling their products at the local Shipshewana Flea Market. A small retail business was being developed. 

LaVern eventually sold his sawmill, converted his dry kiln to a small gift shop, the current home location, and began giving bus tours through the wood shop. The business began producing unique wooden baskets, nativities, and in general, decor made of high quality lumber.

  In 2020, the bus tours, the "bread and butter" of Teaberry, came to a halt. In an effort to make up for lost sales, another retail store was opened in downtown Shipshewana, Teaberry on Morton. This store has since become an attraction for people walking in downtown Shipshewana. Teaberry also still has their own booth at the Shipshewana Flea Market.

Over the years, Teaberry has been blessed with many wonderful customers. We hope we can bless you as well, and we look forward to doing business with you!

Thank-you for visiting Teaberry!