Five Weaver Basket

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Our five weaver basket receives its name from the fact that it has five layers (weavers). This basket is similar to our nine-weaver basket, but it is just slightly smaller. It has also been a popular choice because of its wide range of uses.

The handle is Beta®, which is a rubber synthetic, typically used in horse harnesses. The basket is cut from walnut or maple, both of which are North American hardwoods. The stakes (vertical pieces) are wenge, an African exotic wood type, in both the cherry and maple baskets, but in the walnut basket they are maple. Each wood is left in its natural color, and the basket is finished in boiled linseed oil to preserve the natural color and also to act as a protection for the wood. Grains and wood colorations may vary from photos.

Each basket is signed, numbered, and dated on the bottom, which makes each one unique.